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Music show for children

On 29th of July in "Piazza della Libertà" in Casole d'Elsa there will be a show dedicated to kids!

Published on 20/07/2016

Biggest fantasy event in Italy

from 22th to 24th July, in the city of Vinci (FI), there will be "Festa dell'Unicorno" (Unicorn festival). It's a mix of Middle Ages and fantasy characters with 8 thematic areas (Dream area, Elf area, Horror area, etc...), more than 300 shows and lot of fun for adults and children!

Published on 20/07/2016

FROM 22th to 24th JULY

Casole d'elsa will be dressed in black! The setting of the village with braziers, fires and candles will create an unique atmosphere to guide you to magic and fantasy shows.

Published on 13/07/2016

31 JULY 2016

You can have dinner in Casole d'elsa from 19.30. You have to buy whatever you want from the butcher, give it to the cooks and wait until you can eat it accompained with some good wine!

Published on 13/07/2016


Chigiana international festival and summer accademy. Live music, in particolar classical music, at Chigiana Music Accademy in Siena. You have to buy tickets at least the day before. For informations about concerts ask at the reception.

Published on 06/07/2016

30th JULY 2016

Dance show and live orchestra in Casole d’Elsa. From 21.00

Published on 06/07/2016


Street market in Casole d’Elsa with local products. At 20.00 in the Libertà square there will be a buffet (only with reservation) and from 21.30 there will be a live concert with ’80 music.

Published on 06/07/2016