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Ice Cream Team: fun time during summer!

every monday, wednesday, friday, on request

Holiday Accommodation in Tuscany


During the hottest hours of the afternoon, the ice cream team will be engaged in amusing your children. We aim to follow a “play base” didactical approach and, above all, having fun together. While we play with your children, you can relax in the swimming pool or in your comfortable apartment. We propose three different kind of workshops following : art, science and sports. Our activities will take place in an open space, under the veranda beside the swimming pool area. Preparing for the workshops, we will organize different types of activities , some easier , others more elaborate, so that children of all ages can be involved and even adults can take part in our more interesting and funny games. The younger children will be followed at all times by a girl of our team with the utmost attention. We speak Italian , English , Spanish, French and Chinese, but don’t worry if we can’t speak your language, we’ll be able to communicate with the language of happy entertainment. The Ice Cream team started thanks to Tommaso and Pietro, a magician’s duo which grew into something bigger. This is a group of students who would love to take care of children in their free time and create activities too excite them and be part of a summer that will hopefully be unforgettable.

MONDAYS: ART ATTACK                                                        

Lets set free the imagination of your children through art. An unusual afternoon, set in the homeland of the worlds most famous artists, immersed in nature. In our workshops, children will be able to experiment with their own hands a whole range of new methods and techniques:  from decoupage to body painting, we will also provide scrap materials to break apart and recycle in an artistic way, giving new life to inanimate objects. Participants will have the chance to create, whilst having fun, little masterpiece, which they can then take home as an artistic souvenir at the end of the holiday.



Its not a trick, its not a hoax, ladies and gentlemen! Giant soap bubbles, water bottles that become space rockets, clouds captured in a glass jar! We will experience together the excitement of discovering how thin the line that separates science from magic is through simple but explosive experiments, that will leave both young and old speechless. Also, how to miss the chance of learning from two real magicians how to prepare a true magic show with which, back home, you will be able to impress friends and family?


Lets have fun outdoors with a range of typical sports: table-tennis, football, volleyball and many more to which we will add some crazy and innovative games created by our team. We will organize tournaments and group games to spend a whole morning in name of sport and fun! If you want to go wild and discover new games this is the right opportunity!



Published on 27/06/2015

Volterra A.D. 1398

third and fourth Sunday in August

Holiday Accommodation in Tuscany Holiday Accommodation in Tuscany The city will be animated by fiery warhorses, fearless knights, noblemen, ladies, artisans and merchants, common people and peasants, flagwavers and crossbowmen, musicians and jesters....if by magic they will bring back the mysterious and magic Middle Ages to Volterra.

Published on 07/05/2015