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Volterra A.D. 1398

third and fourth Sunday in August

Holiday Accommodation in Tuscany The city will be animated by fiery warhorses, fearless knights, noblemen, ladies, artisans and merchants, common people and peasants, flagwavers and crossbowmen, musicians and jesters....if by magic they will bring back the mysterious and magic Middle Ages to Volterra.

Published on 07/05/2015

Palio di Siena

July 2 2015
August 16 2015

Holiday Accommodation in Tuscany Italy's most famous Palio. A compelling horse race in the middle of Siena, during which 17 contrade compete to gain the supremacy of the city.

Published on 07/05/2015


July 15-19 2014 Certaldo (Fi)

Holiday Accommodation in Tuscany Mercantia is a festival in Certaldo (Florence), which celebrates street and folklore art. Many international artists take part in it. Street theatre performances, music and concerts, poetry and local crafts will be on display for your pleasure.

Published on 07/05/2015

Palio di Casole d' Elsa

July 12, 2015

Holiday Accommodation in Tuscany Casole d' Elsa's Palio is a horse race between Casole's Contrade. It is dedicated to Saint Isidore, patron saint of the village. This race has its roots in the XIX century.

Published on 07/05/2015