The satisfaction of our guests is our sole aim, and we carefully listen to every suggestion they make to us.
Every year we work to make our Residence even more attractive and comfortable, making constant improvements to the property.
We would like to offer an oasis of peace and relaxation, a small corner of paradise, to whoever comes and stays with us.
We believe that honesty, clarity, and a willingness to help can be the foundations for building an atmosphere of esteem and friendship for our guests.
We love the finer things in life, art and nature in all its forms, and we believe that holidays can also become an opportunity for rethinking and renewing our lives.


We would like our Residence to become a place of international contact and exchange.
Where different ways of thinking, from different cultures, meet and get to know each other.
Where our guests, pampered in a verdant place of peace and beauty, can absorb, respond to and enjoy with us the stimuli conveyed by the landscape, art, fine food, and good Tuscan wine.

Our Principles

  • Hospitality
  • Respect for the environment, and energy saving
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Listening to our guests
  • Sharing objectives with our employees
  • Seeking new forms of collaboration with colleagues and institutions
  • Keeping an open mind towards new ideas and initiatives that help to promote our culture and our part of Italy, and supporting these ideas and initiatives
  • Social and cultural responsibility
  • Internationalization, without cultural and social barriers