Borgo al cerro

In 1997, after having been restored to its former glory, Borgo al Cerro was finally able to reopen its doors, and its interiors, after a two-year restoration, and large-scale renovation work, which has transformed it from an abandoned farmhouse into a residence providing holiday accommodation for tourists.
The history of Borgo al Cerro is not easy to reconstruct, but from the old walls one can see signs of fortifications, which were perhaps justified by the fact it is located on the old customs road for Casole d’Elsa, outside the town walls, and was thus more vulnerable to outside attack, even though it was a simple rural settlement.

The surrounding countryside was farmed for centuries by our proud farmer ancestors, who managed to create, by the sweat of their brow, those extensive gardens of vines and olive trees which are now an integral part of the fine Tuscan landscape.

Tuscany is one of the few places in the world which have become a symbol of an ideal of beauty and balance, created by people who, over the centuries, have wedded art to the relaxing beauty of nature. That is why, during your stay at Borgo al Cerro, we would like to help you soak up the beauty of our green woods, of our wonderful monuments, and the simple, fresh smells of our local countryside, as well as the magic and the silence of each and every night here.
We hope you have a wonderful holiday with us, and... Enjoy your stay here in Tuscany.