We are located more or less in the middle of Tuscany, and even a short stay of just a few days allows guests to get to know a great deal about the local region.


A short, unsurfaced road (ca 800 m, uphill) leads directly to the centre of the small, delightful medieval town of CASOLE D’ELSA. As well as a small museum, also worth seeing are the town centre, with the Collegiata (collegiate church) and the Castello (town hall), and glorious panoramic views over the surrounding green hills. Several small shops add extra life to the quiet and relaxing town centre, along with all essential services such as the bank, post office, chemist’s, and a doctor, as well as several eateries and wine bars.


A short way away from us, there are other important medieval towns, such as:

  • COLLE DI VAL D’ELSA (Home of Lead-Crystal Glass)


Also, the cities of Siena and Florence are within easy reach, as are the hills of the Chianti wine-growing region, the “Crete Senesi” area (Pienza/Montalcino), and the Maremma region nearer the coast, and the sea, as well as a host of small but beautiful centres of art scattered all over the area around us.


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Distance (in km) from other major cities in Italy:

ROMA Km.260 3h 15 mins

MILANO km. 350 3h 30 mins

VENEZIA km. 306 2h 50 mins

PADOVA km. 282 2h 40 mins

VERONA km. 290 2h 45 mins

…and in Europe

LONDRA km.1495 15h 46 mins

PARIGI km.1155 11h 17 mins

MADRID km.1695 17h 01 mins

AMSTERDAM km.1423 13h 20 mins

BRUXELLES km.1237 11h 46 mins

OSLO km.2239 23h 11 mins

BERLINO km.1293 11h 27 mins

VIENNA km.876 8h 16 mins

FRANCOFORTE km.1025 9h 31 mins


GPS Coordinates

LAT. 43° 21′ 19.008”

LONG. 11° 3′ 35.603”